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Listing ID Category Title Location
 348738 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsTablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - Black Chicago - Union Station
Kansas City Station
 348654 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsIPad mini Kansas City Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
 347955 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsRay Ban SunglassesKansas City International Airport
Kansas City, Missouri. 64153
 347201 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoCamera in a gray soft padded camera case Kansas City Airport
 345671 Lost: Blazers, Coats, Jackets, OvercoatsBlack jacket red zippersKansas City, Missouri. 64131
 340671 Lost: Daytimers, Organizers - not electronicNotebook Kansas City Airport
 340657 Lost: KeysHonda Accord key with more keys attached Kansas City Airport
George Bush Airport
 340597 Lost: KeysSet of keys GMC key with remoteKansas City, Missouri. 64116
 340150 Lost: Computers, Tablets, iPadsIPad with green coverKansas City International Airport
Kansas City, Missouri. 64153
 339481 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesIPhone 5 in white caseKansas City International Airport
Kansas City, Missouri. 64153
 338452 Lost: HatsHat with cat earsKansas City, Missouri. 64153
 338372 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesIPHONEKansas City, Missouri. 64112
 337815 Lost: SuitcaseRed Canvas 2Wheel Suitcase Kansas City International Airport
Denver International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
United Airlines
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